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WeCode is a high-class software development and coding training for working-age Rwandan women initiated by the German Government. WeCode is implemented with technical assistance from GIZ Rwanda in close collaboration with local training providers and in partnership with Rwandan institutions like MINECOFIN, the Ministry of ICT, and Innovation and the ICT Chamber.

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What WeCode achieved in the past year

During the first two cohorts of WeCode, about 100 women already completed the WeCode training programme. These initial cohorts were conducted by local implementation partners (Moringa School and Muraho Tech). The philosophy of the WeCode Programme is to combine competence- and soft skills- based learning in order to prepare the students as best as possible for their career and job opportunities


About The Program

The programme is divided in four different phases; Pre-Introduction, Introduction, Advanced Programming and Job Placement, as influenced by Moringa School Pre-prep, Prep and Core programme.

Pre-introduction to programming

This 4-week full time digital skills training is preparing students to thrive in the following more advanced phases of the WeCode programme.

Introduction to Programming

This 5-week, full time introduction to programming course is designed for both beginners to learn the fundamentals of programming as well as more established developers to sharpen their base of front-end skills.

Advanced Programming

This is a 15-week, full time course with 12 weeks of curriculum and 3 weeks of group projects and professional development. Professional development is integrated throughout the curriculum. Core consists of different pathways. Students choose either full-stack web or mobile development. With full-stack web, students explore Python, Java Script and Django. Then, with mobile development, they explore Java, Javascript and Android.

At WeCode we do not only teach students to become the best developers but we also train them with the soft skills like communication, teamwork and presentation skills. These are the skills that students can use in order to become the best employees, freelancers and even entrepreneurs based on the needs of the job market. The biggest goal of the WeCode Programme is to prepare talented students to get into jobs.

Requirements and Application

We are looking for driven women who are excited about technology and solving real-world problems by developing digital solutions.

A high school diploma is required with preference for a high school or tertiary focus on computer science, programming or another technical field.

Strong English proficiency is necessary and basic digital skills are beneficial.

In case you encounter any issue, please contact +250786922822 or +250786922888 or write an email to

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